About Us

Author / Chief-editor

The LUMINA Notation System and the LUMINA Guidebook are written and edited by Alfred Smith with contribution and system play-testing by SaberCraft.org's instructors. Having a long background in Instruction, Yoga, Communications, Alfred founded SaberCraft.org as a saber choreography academy in South Florida. Studying martial and choreography forms developed by other choreographers and applying the principles of teaching Yoga posture & movement, he applied the practice and philosophy to stage combat and developed the LUMINA notation-system focused on saber  and weapon choreography. Working closely with the leadership at SaberCraft.org, LUMINA has evolved and grown into a movement notation system and sport.

Contributing Authors

  • Jorge Arenas
  • Molly Smith
  • Cole Hemp

Play-Testers / Developers

  • Alexis Adames
  • Stephen Carter
  • Wilson Wong
  • Thom Timco
  • Mario Cubas